Choreographic Futures Residency Program  // ilDance 2015

With the generous support of the Helpmann Academy and Klein Family Foundation, The Mill is expanding the size and reach of the 2015 Dance Residency Program to offer the national dance community an oppourtunity to make lasting connections within SA, and globally, through the international presence and networks of the residency.

The Mill welcomed Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni, artistic directors/choreographers of Swedish dance company, ilDance - Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni – to mentor the Choreographic program. The 2015 Choreographic Residents were: Chelsea Evans, Callan Fleming, Erin Fowler and Alexandra Knox. Alongside the residency, four dancers participated in a new choreographic work by ilDance, Not Just Yet on the Dance Residents. The Dance Residents were: Cazna Brass, Hayley Kollevris, Erin Fowler and Andrew Taeli Haycroft

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, ilDance is an independent and international contemporary dance company and production coordinating collective. ilDance’s artistic directors, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer bring an exciting international presence to Adelaide having performed with and choreographed for some of the world’s top dance companies including Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin), Emanuel Gat (Israel), and the Gothenburg Opera (Sweden) as well as teaching for international companies including DV8 (UK), the Royal Swedish Ballet School, Sydney Dance Company and Australian Dance Theatre. Having visited The Mill in late 2013, Lee and Israel bring remarkable mentoring expertise and refreshing, nurturing artistic inspiration to Adelaide’s dance community.

“During our classes we share our methods of movement and training, opening the door into our world and sharing our vocabulary. We work with a large focus on anatomy and the power of the mind when it comes to movement and range. Minimum effort and maximum possibilities and outcome. During the classes we work on breaking routines and movement habits and exploring movement as an individual.” – ilDance (Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni)

The second offering of The Mill’s Choreographic Residency program was highly successful. It offered 7 South Australian dance artists opportunity for development, artistic exchange, mentorship and presentation. The program also attracted parts of the South Australian dance community including secondment students from AC Arts, local independent artists, and Australian Dance Theatre dancers and staff. 

The Mill's unique model offers a residency with multiple choreographers and mentors working alongside each other, and are hopeful to continue building and offering this program with new internationals into the future. 

The final showing was performed in partnership with Australian Dance Theatre, as a co-presentation of ADT’s Rough Draft program. 

Residents were awarded 4 weeks of studio time in which to develop a new or existing choreographic project. During this time residents were able to explore their choreographic practice under the expert mentorship of Lee and Israel, as well as engage in workshops, professional development sessions, and forums. The residency ended in a public showing of the works created open to the program’s supporters, industry guests, the artist’s peers and the general public.

The Residency included:

- A 2-day choreographic Masterclass open to the broader South Australian dance community
– Facilitated meet and greet sessions with the mentors, residents and artists at The Mill Adelaide
– Daily class for the dancers and choreographers – led by Lee and Israel as well as local SA established dance artists. 
– One on one mentoring sessions with Lee and Israel
– Weekly group feedback sessions and facilitated discussions
– Professional Development sessions for the residents in the areas of Marketing, Project management, documentation and technical production with selected industry professionals.
– Artistic forums/industry panel sessions open to the broader dance and arts community
– Professional documentation of the work and development process


Callan Fleming  developed new work "Cleanse"

“Having 4 weeks access to a studio space is an unprecedented opportunity. and to do it with 5 other engaged artists really helped to bring about artistic cross pollination. bringing our different skill sets, fears and accomplishments together.The mentors allowed me to break into the core of my work and challenge the art that i make, and why. The artistic challenge was exactly what i needed for my practice.”

Erin Fowler developed new work "Femme"

“The opportunity to have such intensive and personal mentorship with Israel and Lee has left a significant mark on my personal practice. It is rare to be able to go through a creative process with this kind of support, and I also feel I now have a support group in the other artists that were a part of the program. We were all a part of each others developments and established a shared language and dialogue for discussing our work, which as an emerging artist is one of the most crucial things to find in order to develop and articulate what you are doing”.

 Chelsea Evans developed new work "Showga" at the Melbourne Fringe and toured it to the Adelaide and Perth Fringe Festivals 

“I came out of the residency feeling empowered.  I had been given time and space to make something and I did. I had begun a creative process and I was proud of my work. Professionally the residency gave me the time and space to work on my first solo work which I am now in a second development off and premiering in the Melbourne Fringe Festival and will be touring next year.

The most amazing thing about the residency was that although we were all working solo, we were all working at the same time, in studios close by. We had lunch together, went into each other’s studios and played together and we had group showings every Friday together. All these things enables us to give feedback, bounce ideas around and not feel alone in the crazy process of making a work. It was an incredible artistic experience and I hope that I am lucky enough to work like this again in the future.”

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