Public Art // Tom Borgas 2016

In collaboration with Adelaide City Council and ‘Spheres (Klein Blue)’ in Adelaide’s Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga throughout November 2016. Borgas’ sculptural works behave as interventions in natural environments. He creates a dynamic by installing synthetic, geometric shapes into a landscape. These glitchy geometric forms emerge from known surroundings asking the audience to reconsider their surroundings. 



A 20 min video work consisting of four short videos made collaboratively by ten South Australian based visual artists, musicians, and film artists.  ATLAS is a collaborative project which facilitated the development of four short film based works which consider things beyond our skies within a planetary dome. These immersive works and soundscapes are presented inside the 180 degrees of cinema. 

Public Art Project // HITNES 2015

As part of his visit to SA, HITNES stopped in at The Mill to meet the residents and leave a little something behind for Adelaide. This 10m long fish was completed over three days by the Italian artist in Feb 2015. 

Work sponsored by Adelaide City Council's Public Art Program and completed with the support of Vans the Omega (ADL) and Guildhouse (SA).

Engage: Tanya Voges 2017

Tanya Voges reflects on her time as the inaugural recipient of ENGAGE, The Mill's partnership project with Strut (WA). in 2017 Tanya was able to undertake a period of development in the studio with The Mill to create new work, participation in The Mill's Choreographic Futures workshop with Ame Henderson and travel to Perth to visit STRUT's space and participate in the Maxine Doyle workshop. 

Collaboration Workshops 2016

Artists and Directors of The Mill, Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler started developing work in the areas where their backgrounds cross over, multi-disciplinary performative work. Collaboration Workshops are sessions on ‘working collaboratively’ with a particular focus on working across disciplines and with individuals, mentors, and with new collaborators considering ways to forge new connections.

CLP_210515_0080 1.jpg

Choreographic Futures // ilDance 2015

The Mill welcomed Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni, artistic directors/choreographers of Swedish dance company, ilDance - Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni – to mentor the Choreographic program.  The Mill's unique model offers a residency with multiple choreographers and mentors working alongside each other, and are hopeful to continue building and offering this program with new internationals into the future. 

Pantheon 2014

Pantheon was an immersive performance event, publication and exhibition series. Pantheon challenged twenty-one Adelaide artists to find their own personal mythology and reflect on the universal relationship between place and story. Over two nights audiences went on a dark journey into a dream space created within the walls of The Mill Adelaide.


RSxThe Mill 1st Stage Exchange 2016

Artists and Directors of The Mill, Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler will be in Indonesia in November 2016 to begin the initial stages of an exchange program with Rumah Sanur, a creative hub space in Bali. A new work will be created as part of the exchange between four Australian artists and Indonesian Artist, Adhika Annissa. The work will be a creative project in three stages and will create a framework for future cultural exchange between the two spaces. 


Nebula Deluxe 2015

A music, theatre, dinner, drink and dance experience, from The Mill and The Happy Motel. A curated arts event featuring performances by local artists hosted in the exotic rainforest environment of the Adelaide Botanic Garden’s Bicentennial Conservatory. Celebrating the intricacies and mysteries of our great Universe. Audiences were asked to peer into the unknown and the lilting loops of the eclipsing moon. 

Choreographic Futures // Force Majeure 2014

The Mill Adelaide, in association with the Klein Family Foundation, Force Majeure and the Helpmann Academy, presented the 2014 Choreographic Futures Dance Residency. The first residency program saw one of Australia’s leading choreographers, Kate Champion of Force Majeure, mentor local choreographer Alicia Harvie to develop her new work The Closet Activist.