The Writer in Residency is delivered in partnership with The SA Writers Centre, and is focused on fostering arts writing and criticism by emerging arts writers. The program provides a 6 - 12 month residency at The Mill, six pieces of commissioned writing and the production of a publication delivered in collaboration with the SA Writers Centre. 

Designed to support South Australian arts writing, whether writing about contemporary art or creative writing, the WIR aims to create a broader audience for arts writing. The program aims to strengthen the field as a whole and to ensure that critical writing remains a valued mode of engaging the visual arts.

In partnership with The Mill, The SA Writers Centre will facilitate masterclasses and workshops within the writing community, with practicing writers and visual artists. The workshops focus on considering how to incorporate written word into new work, as well as considering writing as an extension of visual artists’ practice. Writers will delve into other practices and broaden their understanding of creative process within other disciplines, as well as sharing their own creative practice.

The Writer in Residence is provided with:

  • a dedicated writing space for 6 months / 12 months (please specify in your EOI what your project timeline is.)
  • Use of The Mill as an associate artist: 24 hour access, wifi, meeting areas, kitchen and the gallery/event space. As well as working alongside the multi-disciplinary community of associate artists at The Mill.

Opportunity to meet and collaborate with a artists from a diverse range of disciplines and creative backgrounds

  • six pieces of commissioned work, commissioned by The Mill and developed in conversations with Mill HQ. 
  • Participation in all sideline workshops.-
  • An introduction to subscribers in SA Writers Centre’s electronic newsletter, online and via their blog
  • Promotional/publicity opportunities
  • A publication of your work as a part of The Mills annual publication release.

Selection is made by a panel consisting of associate artists and directors of The Mill and SA Writers Centre. Successful applicants will be chosen based on the following criteria:


Preference will be given to applicants who:

  • Have demonstrated a commitment to writing 
  • Are interested in arts writing or show an interest in being aligned with the creative community at The Mill
  • Ability and commitment to completing the pieces of commissioned work in conversation with The Mill HQ

- Present an artistically strong project with clear aims

- Articulate the impact of the opportunity on their artistic and professional development

- Are committed to contributing to the diverse writing community in SA

- Meet application requirements 

- Agree to write an evaluation report 


  • Demonstrate an interest to share creatively or collaborate
  • interest in multi-disciplinary projects

- Tertiary study in a writing-related area

- Interest to be part of a writing community or network 

- Are willing to be involved in The Mill / SA Writers Centre artistic program.



The introduction of text as art and the notion of the artist working in the study instead of the studio gave me, as a writer, entrance into the game
— Lucy Lippard


Will I get paid?

There is no available stipend for the residencies at this stage. You will be provided with non-monetary rewards as mentioned above.

What hours do I have to be there?

You don’t have to be based in the Centre 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, as we understand that you may have a job or study commitments. However, we do expect you to make use of the space at some stage each week and actively engage in the Centre activities while you are in residence such as by attending events, participating in one of our programmed activities etc.

Can I send a blog/portfolio link instead of a sample of writing?

Yes, if you think it showcases your best written work. 

Do I have to undertake my residency for the time stipulated or can I take a raincheck to a later date?

The residency has set dates. Your dates will be negotiated with The Mill’s general Manager when your position is confirmed. If you are unable to complete the residency during the available time, we will let you know if residency opportunities may become available throughout the year. 

Do I have to use the residency for the full 12 months? What do you mean 6 - 12 months? 

The Mill is interested in applications that have a direct benefit to the person applying. We ask that in your project description you outline the timeline, and when the ideal timeline might be for you to best realise that timeline. Please note that the WIR timeline runs from July2017 - July 2018, please indicate a 6 - 12 months within this timeframe.

What are the commissioned works? Can I choose what to write about?

The request is that you engage with context of the WIR and we have set up the commissioned works as a way to engage the WIR with the community at The Mill. The hope is that the six works may be circulated and promoted to new audiences throughout the residency. The works will be set by conversation the The Mill and will align with activities and elements of the program. 

What should I include in my resume?

We advise that you keep it relevant to writing and only include things that will grab our attention. Relevant employment and study, writing activities, community or writing groups, a list of publication credits is where our eye will be drawn. 

I want to work on an extended project over a long period of time. Can I work on a portion of my project during the residency?

As long as there are clear objectives and outcomes and you have something to present at the end of the residency, then we welcome extended projects. We ask that you meet the requirements for the 6 pieces of commissioned work and the publication, but expect that you will use the space for whatever side projects you have, whether long or short term. 

Who does the writing belong to at the end of the residency?

Copyright of all work produced by the WIR remains solely with the author.