Our Vision, Our History and Our Team

Creative Spaces. Creative Programs. New Opportunities.

The Mill is unique in South Australia providing a program that champions creative process across a range of disciplines, adjacent to its centrally located artist studios, creative industry offices and event spaces.

Driven by its community, The Mill offers residency, masterclasses, workshops, awards and opportunities to create new work and promote sustainable career pathways for artists.



Our Vision

- The Mill’s physical space and program are a creative incubator that presents and supports collaborative practice

- The Mill facilitates the development of new work and networking opportunities which promote career development for associate and associated artists (participants)

- The Mill promotes sustainable career pathways by supporting artists at varying points of their career- from emerging to established.

- The Mill aims to broaden the South Australian lens for artists to look nationally and internationally through partnerships and exchange/presenting opportunities included in programming.

- The Mill’s engages in a critical dialogue with a national and international community.

Our History 

Established 2013, The Mill was initially imagined as a junction between visual art, movement, dance and theatre. 

The Mill was the brain(and heart)child of Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler - who founded The Mill together as a connection between their areas of practice - dance and visual art.

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Our Team

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The team consists of a small group of dedicated  doers, committed to providing opportunities in their home state. A wonderful board of arts workers and enthusiants. 

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