Evie is a visual artist and also practices improvised dance.

She has worked in residential aged care and with older people living in the community and as a facilitator of art workshops for adults living with dementia and those without this challenge. 

Currently she works in a primary school with 8 year olds with learning difficulties and continues her daily art practice as well as conducting art workshops for beginners.

In 1995, while living in Sydney, she began Art studies at the Bondi Road Art School.  These classes ignited her enthusiasm for the visual arts and she is indebted to her inspiring tutors at Bondi for guiding her into the world of art.

Since 2007 she has contributed to improvised movement dance sessions through Interlay, shared improvised dance practice, contact improvisation and improvised theatre. Improvised movement forms have together with her art practice have been an avenue for to express spirituality, creativity and art as a healing practice.

 Evie works intuitively with textures and mixed media. She has realised the potential of art to emotionally heal the human soul and to promote spiritual growth in the art practitioner and in those people who view the artwork

In her workshops she creates a space for participants to express themselves without fear of judgment and encourages participants to reveal their inner landscape using a variety of media.

From 2015 she creating knitted and crocheted wearable art e.g ponchos, embroidered items and cloth dolls as well as developing her photography and mixed media art practice.


She has exhibited artwork & photography from 2005 to 2019.


·2007-08 Creative workshops with ECH Community Programs* 

·2009 Art Workshops for RAW ENERGY which is a group facilitated by the Carer Support and Respite Centre.

·2010 : ARTS IN HEALTH  FMC with the Art Trolley 

·2011: Facilitated art sessions at West Beach residential facility. 

·2012:  Facilitated workshops in her local community with adults. 

·2013: Facilitated silk painting day workshop for Southern Carers Respite Centre and for staff at Unitcare Services

·2015: Facilitated creative workshops using stitching and cloth doll making

·2016: Creative workshops teaching crochet skills

·2017: Autumn Art workshops for beginners held in Norwood

·2018: Facilitated 2 art beginners’ workshops in Norwood for adults. 

Recent Exhibitions 

·2018: Gallery One SALA exhibition

·2019: Victor Harbour Art Show

·2017: Mixed Media exhibition “The art of Healing” at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

·2014: Photographic exhibition “Crossing the Line” with Melanie Steadman and Gordon Russell

·2012: SALA Exhibition in Home studio Flagstaff Hill “Art from the Heart”