Kate O’Callaghan graduated with Honours from the National Art School in 2004 majoring in Ceramics.

During her time at the NAS she experimented developing large scale installations, large vessel slab design, mixed media sculptures and large wheel thrown vessels. Kate won the graduate prize for her unique vessel designs encompassed drawing, painting and burnishing clay. 

Post-graduation, Kate was an invited artist to participate in several exhibitions in Sydney. Then embarked on a trip to South Korea where she explored the Korean practice of ceramics and wrote several articles and was published in The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

Today Kate is the Founder and Director of Artful, a company focused on teaching the benefits of clay to people of all ages. Artful currently provides workshop experiences to many local councils, schools and groups along with individual tuition. 

At the Mill, Kate brings her knowledge and resources as a ceramist with workshops and ‘kiln for hire’ for internal and external artists. 


Anything that can be imagined can be made – lets begin!