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Associate Artists

The Mill provides artists, makers and creative enterprises with affordable CBD tenancies, immersed in a community that understands and values creative process.

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Breakout Residencies

The Mill supports performing artists in developing and presenting new work through experimentation, via The Breakout Residencies.


Exhibition Space

Exhibition Space - “bringing process to the fore”

Four featured residencies. Artists programmed for the Exhibition Space will work towards deepening practice through discussions, forums, workshops, research and artist talks. Focusing on the process behind art-making, the aim is to make this more available to audiences. The Exhibition Space operates with a studio-like mentality where knowledge arises through participation and experimentation. Artists are encouraged to consider the potential performativity of practice.



Writers In Residence

The Writer in Residency is delivered in partnership with The SA Writers Centre, and is focused on fostering arts writing and criticism by emerging arts writers.



Masterclasses are our professional development program for artists, offering masterclasses and forums with established international and national touring artists.



The ilAward is a unique, 3-month residency with longtime collaborators IlDance, open to dance graduates from Adelaide College of the Arts and Flinders University.



Engage is an annual program of opportunities uniting national dance sectors and providing professional development for dance-makers across Australia.


In-Between Spaces

In-Between Spaces is an intensive workshop in response to growing cross-disciplinary interest in choreography as a creative tool.

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Choreographic Futures

Choreographic Futures sees The Mill support further development of a work seeded during a previous Mill workshop or masterclass program. It is a pathway for evolving new work over several stages and allows The Mill to work with artists longer-term.