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Masterclass: Lucy Guerin Inc (Adelaide Festival 2018)

Photo Credits: Show image of SPLIT by Gregory Lorenzutti

Photo Credits: Show image of SPLIT by Gregory Lorenzutti

The Mill Adelaide in partnership with The Adelaide Festival & ACArts present a masterclass with Lucy Guerin Inc (VIC). The Lucy Guerin Inc season of SPLIT is part of the 2018 Adelaide Festival, ACArts Main Theatre, March 2 - 5.


Date: Monday 5th March, 2018
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Venue: Adelaide College of The Arts/TAFE, 39 Light Square Adelaide, Level 3, Rehearsal Studio
Cost: $25
Participants: suitable for students of full time dance program; trained/graduated dancers; semi professional/professional dancers.  

About the Masterclass

Led by company artistic director Lucy Guerin herself, the masterclass will be an introduction to some of the ideas and movement processes used to develop SPLIT. It will involve a short warm-up followed by a section of choreography taught by the dancers Melanie Lane and/or Lillian Steiner. There will also be some time to develop some individual material, based on tasks devised for the creation of Split.

About Lucy Guerin Company

Lucy Guerin Inc is an Australian dance company established in Melbourne in 2002. Renowned for the skill and originality of its small group of performers, it is a flexible organisation dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance. The company is committed to the exploration of everyday events and the redefinition of the formal concerns of dance. New productions are generated through an experimental approach to creative process, and may involve voice, video, sound, text and industrial design as well as Guerin’s lucid physical structures. Lucy Guerin Inc. continues to produce inspiring and innovative explorations of contemporary dance that resonate within our culture and the global community. The company values the need for risk, integrity and relevance in the creative process and provides environments, time, space and opportunities to question existing notions of dance. Crucially, this is always a choreographic exploration, striving for visual, emotional and physical revelations that could not be generated or communicated in any other artform than dance.

Lucy Guerin Inc has been a major influence on the growing identity of Australian dance, which stems from the company’s programmatic research into choreographic practice supported through several initiatives.