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SALA Masterclass: Chris Orchard (drawing), 'The Body Caught - Drawing the Body in Motion'

The Throw, by Chris Orchard 2018

The Throw, by Chris Orchard 2018

Presented by The Mill in partnership with SALA Festival, 2019;

Chris Orchard Masterclass - 'The Body Caught' - drawing the body in motion

A two-day drawing intensive.

Dates: 3rd & 4th August, 2019

Time: 10am - 4pm Daily

Venue: The Mill’s Breakout Space

Cost: $400


About the Masterclass

The intensive will be constructed around the body in motion vs. stillness. Our model will “choreograph” movement that participants will capture in drawings sometimes as fleeting as the moment and at other times held in suspension for longer periods. We will focus on the “loss” of memory and each participants’ capacity to invent when memory fails. We will use repetition both in the models movements and in the drawers’ marks to embed imagery in more developed drawings in charcoal and or materials of the participants’ choice. We will make a lot of drawings and engage in discussion along the way. 

Artists to consider;


About Chris Orchard:

Chris Orchard held his first solo exhibition 1975. 1982 Founding member of Central Studios Adelaide. Over 60 solo and group exhibitions to the present. Former Head of Drawing at Adelaide Central School of Art. 1984-1987 joined Air and Space Studios Berry St London. 2000 residency at Gunnery Studios Sydney. 2002 taught Drawing at the New York Studio School. 2011 Awarded the Arts SA Fellowship. 2012 Three month studio development of new work at Present Company, Brooklyn, NY.    In 2017 awarded the SALA feature artist with a publication by Wakefield Press, “Christopher Orchard, The Uncertainty of the Poet with text by Peter Goldsworthy, Margot Osborne, Julia Robinson, Roy Ananda and Rod Taylor. Maintain studio practice in Adelaide and New York to the present. Represented in Adelaide by BMGArt, in Sydney by Wagner Contemporary Galleries and in New York by Stephen Rosenberg Fine Art. 


Participants must provide the following;

12, Sheets Bulky Newsprint. NOT. Butchers paper.

6, Sheets 210 gsm Cartridge. (CA Grain or equivalent.)

3, boxes natural charcoal, thick sticks, about pencil thickness.

2 Charcoal pencils, medium. (Central Art Supplies at Glenside have terrific “Peel & Sketch” charcoal pencils, just an option.)

2, Sticks compressed charcoal, medium & soft. Conte also makes an HB compressed charcoal that participants may find interesting

White latex erasers.

20mm Masking tape.

Retractable blade utility knife.

A rag, napkin size, old T-shirt or bed sheet.

(Each participant will have his or her preferred mediums to add to list.)