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Writer In Residence: Meet Jennifer Eadie and Jess Martin

Announcing successful applicants Jennifer Eadie and Jess Martin

The Mill’s Writer in Residence program is focused on fostering arts writing and criticism by emerging arts writers. This year The Mill will partner with Fine Print magazine for writing and editing support and with Scotch College for an additional Writer In Residence educational program.

Jennifer and Jess will each undertake a 6 month residency at The Mill in a private studio, with The Mill commissioning three pieces of writing per artist and support them on a personal collaborative project.

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Jennifer Eadie: September 2019 - February 2020

Jennifer is writer and artist, having only recently moved to Adelaide / Kaurna country. Currently, she is a lecturer & tutor for the Aboriginal Pathway Program at UniSA. Jennifer studied art and creative writing at UNSW and critical legal studies at ANU. Her writing practice is motivated by the broad question of whether the notion of community - which is currently premised on an exclusive human ‘we’ - can be re-imagined so as to recognise and include ecological agency. Her upcoming book Rethinking the Animal Rights Movement (Routledge) explores this question from historical and activist perspectives. Her writing has been published in Modern Fiction Studies, Borderlands e-journal and extempore.

Jess Martin: March - August 2020

Jess Martin is a non-fiction writer, multi-disciplinary artist, producer and arts worker. As a critic their work has been published in Fest Magazine, Buzzcuts, On Dit and dB Magazine. Jess has a strong interest in experimental performance, dance and theatre. They also write creative non- ction in the form of personal essay. In their writing Jess has a clear voice which captures strong visual imagery, a sense of gestural motion, and unexpected wit. Jess's artistic practice involves working primarily with textile sculpture in relation with the body, informed by themes of phenomenological exploration, regional landscapes and communities, and queer identity. In 2018 Jess participated in Vitalstatistix's Adhocracy residency and performance festival with lead artist Alaskan First Nations dancer Emily Johnson, contributing spoken word and site speci c performance. In May this year they took part in the UNESCO Riverland Biosphere Soundscape Lab at Calperum Station, lead by sound artist Jesse Budel. Most recently Jess has worked with Japanese-Australian contemporary artist Hiromi Tango at Splendour in the Grass facilitating the Hiromi Hotel: Brain Flower project space. They also participated in process driven dance performance at Hiromi Hotel lead by artists from Hobart based DRILL dance company and Adelaide based Motus collective. Jess has studied media, politics and art history and is currently working as a moderator at MOD. and as a freelance writer and artist.