Engage: Tanya Vogues

As the inaugural recipient of The Mill's Engage residency I'm very grateful to have been able to participate in two workshops, one in Perth at Strut and one here in Adelaide at Leigh Warren Dance Hub. I am now midway through a creative research period where I am working on my choreographic practice that involves choreographic scores and performance drawing. The Mill have organised time for me in the new studio at Restless Dance Theatre and also with the third year dance students at AC Arts. So throughout this residency I have felt extremely supported by The Mill to experiment and start to develop a new dance work, and have had the opportunity to meet dancers and visual artists from all around Australia through the workshops and different organisations that have supported this residency. 

The Choreographic Future's workshop titled Choreography Across Disciplines facilitated by Canadian choreographer Ame Henderson, has helped bridge the gap between the new project that I had proposed, to the creative research that I'm involved in. I won't know what the full effect of this residency will uncover until I've seen this choreographic project to the next stage and can look back to reflect on it, but I do feel that the structure of the residency- having been able to attend a workshop in Perth at Strut with Maxine Doyle of Punchdrunk prior to this and then having studio time to cultivate my current choreographic interest of mark making, recording a trace and involving an audience by taking the work off the stage and into a gallery setting- means this Engage residency with culminate with a new work that has taken my choreographic practice to a new level and given me a deeper understanding of the possibilities of my craft.

I look forward to continuing discussions with The Mill around the potential to realise an outcome to this creative research that might have connections to some of the other wonderful dance and arts organisations that I've been introduced to, but for now the ENGAGE residency is living up to it's proposal to engage me in the practice of developing my choreographic practice whilst engaging me in the artistic community of Adelaide. www.tanya.voges.net


Engage: 2017

Strut Dance (WA) will partner with The Mill, for the first time in an inaugural incubator project, Engage. The Engage incubator will offer one SA choreographer a residency based between the two organisations in SA and WA with the motivation to create greater connections and engagements between the two dance communities.

Strut Dance offers choreographers and dance practitioners the possibility to engage with leading national and international choreographers, the chance to work with collaborative partners in the making of their own performance and, the opportunity to put their work in front of a willing and informed audience. Strut is committed to developing the WA dance sector and connects their western community to national and international networks. In 2017 these national networks will reach SA in this new partnership.

The Mill is excited to work alongside Strut to support a SA choreographer in the development of a new work through a series of opportunities. 

The successful applicant will undergo a residency incubator with The Mill (SA) and then with Strut (WA). The recipient will have access to studios in Adelaide in order to focus on developing new work, before flying to Perth to under go further development time with Strut. The recipient will also be able to participate in one of a selection of Strut’s international workshops of their choosing (see list of offered Master Workshops below) and will have access to Strut studios at the King St Arts Centre. Return flights and accommodation in Perth are included in the residency. 

The selected choreographer will have a commitment to creating a new work during the residency, engage with the community and facilitate a development showing in both Perth and in Adelaide on their return from Strut.

Applications for the 2017 - 2018 Engage Residency have now closed. 

Congratulations, Tanya Voges who will be undertaking this opportunity.