masterclass series

Collaboration Workshop with Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler

This Is Not Art festival (Newcastle) hosted directors Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler for a workshop sharing their collaborative approach which was the foundation for The Mill.

Artists and Directors of The Mill, Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler started developing new work in the areas where their background cross over, multi-disciplinary performative work. Amber and Erin are interested in the intersection between dance, performance with visual arts, installation based work. Over the past 3 years they have developed a unique and concentrated dialogue between these two backgrounds as they explore, learn and investigate both the performance and visual arts worlds through their work as Artistic Directors of The Mill Adelaide.


ATLAS is an example of immersive experiences, transporting audiences to other worlds, and finding new models, creative processes, and ways of working that can serve their two artistic backgrounds. The workshop will be an afternoon session on ‘working collaboratively’ with a particular focus on working across disciplines and with individuals, mentors, and with new collaborators considering ways to forge new connections.