Pantheon: Immersive Mill Event

Pantheon was an immersive performance event, publication and exhibition series. Pantheon challenged twenty-one Adelaide artists to find their own personal mythology and reflect on the universal relationship between place and story. Over two nights audiences went on a dark journey into a dream space created within the walls of The Mill Adelaide where, regardless of religious persuasion, you will experience the eternal, the personal, the real and the imagined. Consisting of 8 performances and a group exhibition Audiences were led through a labyrinth of tales of the gods, interacted with performers and witnessed dance work unravel before them. The Mill's publication offers a written realisation of these works, foreward by Jeff Khan (Performance Space AD, SYD) and written creative work by Jens Van Horne and Critical Review by Jane Howard. 

Pantheon 2014

Before philosophy became a separate discipline, the poetic images of myths and gods were the central way in which people addressed the immediate questions of life and death. They questioned and studied nature, the stars and universe, the relationship between human beings and the supernatural, as well as the rea- sons for certain customs or ways of behaviour. Myths made visible to individuals their deepest longings and imaginings and, so, offered a way in which society could understand it’s own being. 

The nature of the gods and myths of any culture are to some extent conditioned by the nature of the land in which the stories of the first tellers of their stories lived. Universally, these creations and stories may have taken the form of a living presence –such as a goddess or a god, or an animal or bird - or perhaps the moon, sun or landscapes of earth. Either way, these stories and creations were, and are, an attempt to reach for an idea that would re- veal patterns and structures in order to make sense of the world.

List of Artist Works:


  • Delana Carbone

  • 'the Gods have been lost'

  • Callan Fleming

  • ‘FURY’, performed by Margot John (solo), Alicia Harvie & Kendal Winton

  • Callan Fleming

  • ‘Atlas Drowing’

  • Lukus Robbins

  • ‘Clear Sight’

  • Ben Roberts

  • ‘Purgatory’

  • Josephine Were

  • ‘Shotgun’

Visual Arts

  • Aurelia Carbone

  • Marina Warner

  • Berkely Peabody

  • Françoise Dolto

  • Capital Waste Pictures

  • Invoking the unholy towards melancholic light

  • Multichannel video installation by Dom Sargent and Liam Somerville

  • Lucas Croall: 'Paradox: A Unified Opposition'

  • Andrew Dearman

  • The Magpie called by name. I always knew that being called ‘Woooblwobliboublouu blou’ would be a problem.

  • Peter Fong: "Secret Valley"

  • Fruszi Kenez

  • 'The Town Meeting'

  • 'Little Foxes'

  • 'Hands hands hands'

  • 'Cordelia'

  • Jens Van Horne

  • The Ideal, The Anxiety, The End: or, the pathos, of hope and perfection

  • Joel Van Moore

  • I am Trinity

  • Kaspar Schmidt- Mumm

  • Mr Tinker the thought thinker. Aka the god of  thinking til the aint nothin you aint thunk. (Green Old man ) 

  • U-Gene-e in a can. Aka the god of canned Genius: Campbell's Soup, Spaghetti Toasties, Heinz Baked Beans, etc.

  • Ms Spectacle with Spectacles. Aka the god of receiving attention purely by winking. (Without being sleazy) Pure Suave. 

  • Gary Seaman

  • Future Ancestors.

  • Maiden Voyage.

  • Joshua Searson and Mei Wong

  • Sun-Wukong/ The Palm of the Buddah

  • Jono Simmons

  • 'taste the milk'