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Masterclass: Ella Ziegler (public art), 'Transforming Everyday Sites'

June 12th, 2019

Image Credit: work by Ella Ziegler

Image Credit: work by Ella Ziegler


Presented by The Mill, Open Space Contemporary Arts (OSCA) and supported by City of Adelaide.


Ella Ziegler uses a wide range of artistic methods to creatively transform mundane existence into interesting opportunities for playful artistic expression. Her interdisciplinary observations and reflections lead us through a variety of social situations where she highlights, questions and renegotiates the importance of individual participation in public space. Her distinctive practice inspires new pathways and thought patterns as to how artists can approach the use of the public domain for artistic and relevant outcomes unique to that space. Ella has participated successfully in international exhibitions, residencies and projects and has received numerous awards and recognition for her work.


This one-day masterclass/workshop is focused on temporary site-based and unexpected art events in the public domain. Taking its lead from Ella’s innovative approaches that utilise performance and visual art strategies, to creatively transform mundane public spaces into dynamic spaces of playful artistic expression. Masterclass/workshop participants will be invited to explore the importance of individual participation in public space by means of context - based actions, events and performance proposals.

This masterclass/workshop will offer local Adelaide artists a fertile space to share, learn, create and exchange ideas, skills and processes. The overall directives will open up new ways of thinking, doing and making in a collaborative and collegial gathering that will extend and address each participating artists’ own practices and interests.

“I take delight in renewing my own as well as my viewers’ consciousness by highlighting and sensitizing us to what normally passes us by inconspicuously. My independent, idiosyncratic practice is simple and radical at the same time, inspiring wonder, provoking curiosity and making us think differently about what we previously considered ordinary.” Ella Ziegler.


DATE: Wednesday 12th June, 2019

TIME: 10am - 4pm

VENUE: The Mill's Breakout Space and Public walk

COST: $50 Adult and $30 Concession