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Exhibition: Taylor Parham, 'am/pm''

Taylor Parham, 9:29pm, 2018, pigment print

Taylor Parham, 9:29pm, 2018, pigment print

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Please join us in The Exhibition Space for am/pm, an exhibition by photographer Taylor Parham.

Opening night Friday 16 November 6-8pm
Continues 16-30 November 2018

‘We understand our environment and relate to it through experiences. I aim to capture moments that are in both appearance and experience a contrast to what the vast majority of us are accustomed to seeing. Throughout the night, buildings and locales that are typically hosts to a range of commotion during the day, take on an entirely different aesthetic and feel when devoid of people, cars and general activity. This transition from an energetic experience throughout daytime hours to a silent, near abandoned one come night, is one that I aim to capture in this ongoing project.’  -Taylor Parham

Artist biography
Taylor Parham is South Australian photographer. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts having graduated from University of South Australia in 2018. His work examines the concepts of experience and context, capturing views of ordinary locations from a perspective which is both familiar yet unfamiliar. Taylor often spends his nights exploring the city and suburbs, enjoying the solitude that comes with it. He was the 2016 recipient of the University of South Australia’s Pro Vice Chancellor’s Acquisition Prize. He has exhibited at the Helpmann Academy Graduate exhibition in 2016 and 2017.