NEBULA DELUXE // Mill Immersive Event

The Happy Motel & The Mill Adelaide Present:
NEBULA DELUXE: The First Annual Bicentennial Conservatory Expo

Audiences were invited to an all-inclusive music, theatre, dinner, drink and dance experience, from The Mill and The Happy Motel. Join us at a full moon for a curated arts event for the ages in the exotic rainforest environment of the Adelaide Botanic Garden’s Bicentennial Conservatory. 

Come celebrate the intricacies and mysteries of our great Universe. Peer into the unknown; familiarise yourself with the machinations of the machine, and the lilting loops of the eclipsing moon. 

All eyes are on the future - unlike World Fairs of the Past, Nebula Deluxe concentrates on puzzling problems rather than trumpeting triumphs. Our imaginations circle far beyond the fading memories of Paris, London, Chicago and St Louis. 

Come lift your spirits under the light of the blue moon in the Adelaide Botanic Garden’s Bicentennial Conservatory.

Witness groundbreaking exhibitions that venture far beyond our skies in ATLAS - an immersive cinema, soundscape experience created by 6 artists within a planetary dome.

The Mill
The Happy Motel
Nan & Betty
Young Muscle DJs
ATLAS Cinematic Theatre Dome
- Aida Azin
- Abby Howlett
- Henry Walker
- Naomi Keyte
- Liam Somerville
- Felicity Arts
- Future Memory
Entropy by Peter Sheedy and AC Arts Dancers
Erin Fowler
Ben Roberts
Callan Fleming
Lochlan Maybury
Antoine Jelk
Hew Parham
Ashton Malcolm
G.A.G. Wines
Moon Themed Karaoke
Wax & Wayne’s Goodtime Bottleshop
Pink Moon Saloon
Young Henry’s
Tarot Readings
Abby Jane Howlett
Lighting by Chris Petridis