A 20 min video work consisting of four short videos made collaboratively by ten South Australian based visual artists, musicians, and film artists.  ATLAS is a collaborative project which facilitated the development of four short film based works which consider things beyond our skies within a planetary dome. These immersive works and soundscapes are presented inside the 180 degrees of cinema. 


  1. "Watch the Stars" (2015) Aida Azin & Abbey Howlett

  2. "Rawling Star" (2015) Henry Jock Walker, Amanda Lee Radomi & Hugh Black, Luke Hancock

  3. "Away from the Sun" (2015) Liam Somerville & Naomi Kristina, Tom Capagreco

  4. "Future Memory" (2009) Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell

ATLAS is a fulldome immersive cinema experience made during the 'Dome It - fulsome production workshop series' led by Amanda Phillips and Alexander Waite Mitchell of Felicity Arts. The 2015 fuldome films are co-commissioned by The Mill Adelaide and Felicity Arts thanks to Arts South Australia. All works have been made in collaboration and consultancy as part of 'Dome It' with production by Felicity Arts.