Back Porch Showing in The Breakout

A Charcuterie of Smoked Meats and Abnormalities

4 dates · 19 April – 22 April

We're doing some semblance of a performance.

FAQ Answers:

  • Bring cash for tickets and booze.

  • Tickets are $10. Set your expectations accordingly.

  • No you can't book tickets in advance, don't email us, we don't care. Just show up or don't.

  • There's no audience participation, you'd just slow us down.

  • It's a short show. We haven't timed it. It's short.

  • Don't think about it too much. We haven't.

  • Don't bring your kids. I mean, do what you want but that's on you.

  • If you're worried about getting a seat, don't be. We'll fit you in. Nice and snug.

This event has passed