Back Porch Showing in The Breakout // April 2018

A Charcuterie of Smoked Meats and Abnormalities

4 dates · 19 April – 22 April

We're doing some semblance of a performance.

FAQ Answers:

Bring cash for tickets and booze.

Tickets are $10. Set your expectations accordingly.

No you can't book tickets in advance, don't email us, we don't care. Just show up or don't.

There's no audience participation, you'd just slow us down.

It's a short show. We haven't timed it. It's short.

Don't think about it too much. We haven't.

Don't bring your kids. I mean, do what you want but that's on you.

If you're worried about getting a seat, don't be. We'll fit you in. Nice and snug.