writers in residence

writers in residence

Employment Opportunity - Visual Arts and Community Engagement Co-ordinator

The Mill is seeking a Visual Arts professional to add to our small, capable team. This is an exciting opportunity for a visual artist or curator to pursue their own passion for visual arts by delivering exhibitions and events that contribute to contemporary discourse around professional creative practice. The Mill is looking to attract applicants who exhibit strong artistic vision, and will utilise the existing machinery and momentum of the organisation to deliver this to an exceptional level.

writers in residence

Call Out - Writer in Residence

Call Out Details

Online Applications Open: 5th June 2018
Applications Close: 29th June, 2018
Notification: 13th July, 2018

The Mill's Writer in Residency fosters arts writing and criticism by emerging South Australian arts writers. The program provides a 12 month studio residency at The Mill on Angas Street, and four pieces of commissioned writing for circulation via our publication partners.

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The residency has two main aims - to ensure that critical writing remains a valued mode of engaging with the arts AND to support writers in their professional development.

This is an opportunity for a writer to establish a permanent base from which to pursue their own artistic project/s alongside producing works commissioned by The Mill. The Mill is interested in engaging with writers whose work is cross-disciplinary in nature or, in some way intersects with different creative forms.

This program aims to create a broader audience for arts writing.

The Writer in Residence is provided with;

  • A dedicated writers' studio for 12 months, embedded in The Mill's creative community.

  • Access to The Mill as an Associate Artist, including 24-hour access to their studio, wifi via GIGCity, use of the meeting area, kitchen, exhibition and event spaces.

  • Opportunities to meet and collaborate with a artists from a diverse range of disciplines and creative backgrounds, who use The Mill as a permanent or casual base for operations.

  • Four pieces of work, commissioned by The Mill, and developed in conversation with the artist, The Mill and our publication partners.

  • An opportunity to grow creatively and professionally with support from The Mill and our networks.

Selection is made by a panel consisting of Associate Artists and members of The Mill management. Successful applicants will be chosen based on the following criteria;

Essential Criteria:

Applicants must:

  • Have a demonstrated commitment their writing practice.

  • Show interest in arts writing, and/or in being aligned with the creative community at The Mill.

  • Provide details of a major creative project / work-in-progress to be developed during the residency, with support from The Mill.

  • Propose at least one of the four commissioned pieces in their application, and commit to delivering all four in line with publication guidelines. This writing should contribute to national conversations around visual and / or performing arts - aesthetics, practice, curation, etc. For example, writers may choose to respond to / critique specific visual art works or exhibitions, comment on trends developing across creative or curatorial practice, investigate innovative modes of creation, present research into an area of professional artistic practice.... etc. Pieces should align with the writer's interests in visual or performing arts and give consideration to potential publication outcomes.

  • Articulate the impact this opportunity will have on their artistic and professional development

  • Be committed to contributing to the diverse writing community in Australia.

  • Meet application requirements and be prepared to establish a writing studio at The Mill.

  • Agree to write an evaluation report at the conclusion of the residency.

Desirable Criteria:

Preference will be given to applicants who;

  • Demonstrate an interest to share creatively or collaborate.

  • Propose artistically strong, interesting work.

  • Show an interest in multi-disciplinary projects.

  • Have undertaken tertiary-level study in a writing field.

  • Show interest in being part of a writing community and network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the value of this residency? The Writer in Residence is provided with a private studio space at The Mill for a period of 12 months (value $3,775), and is paid for each of the four commissioned works ($200 each).

What do you require from me? You will be required to meet regularly with The Mill and our publication partners to discuss pitches, progress and outcomes. You are required to submit four commissioned works over the 12 months of your residency, as well as two Associate Artist profiles for publication through our channels.

What hours do I have to be there? We don't expect you to work 9 'til 5, Monday to Friday, as we understand you may have a job or study commitments. However, we do expect you to make use of the space each week and be an active member of The Mill community while you are in residence.

When does this residency take place? The residency has set dates from August 2018 - July 2019. Dates will be confirmed with The Mill when the residency is allocated. Commissioned works will be spaced throughout the 12 months and delivered (quarterly-ish) in line with publication timelines. 

What is the major creative project? This residency is aimed supporting writers in their professional development. It provides an opportunity for you to delve into your own creative work to a new level, in a dedicated studio and surrounded by supportive artists and The Mill management. The major creative project can be anything you're currently working on, or aspire to create. It can be anything - creative, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose... Tell us what excites you about writing. The strength of your proposal will inform the selection process, but is not a defining factor. You are also free to make use of The Mill's other spaces in the pursuit your writing.

What are the commissioned works? Can I choose what to write about? The commissioned works are a way for you to engage with the creative community (locally, nationally and beyond) and contribute to critical dialogue surrounding artistic work that is of particular interest to you. You may choose to respond to visual art works or exhibitions, curation, performing arts practice, trends and modes of expression, or create written work researching a particular area of interest within professional artistic practice.

Who does the writing belong to at the end of the residency? Copyright of all work produced by the Writer in Residency, commissioned by or as part of the residency, remains solely with The Mill. Any other work developed by The Artist remains solely with them.  

For inquires contact Erin Fowler, The Mill Director via email

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writers in residence

2017 Writer in Residence

Writer In Residence Aimee Knight

"Writing is a cultural investment. It creates conversation, which is key to maintaining community engagement and a wide appreciation for the arts. When publishing opportunities for arts coverage are diminishing in print and online, support for the form is vital. I’m thrilled to pitch in through my residency at The Mill. Working here strengthens my bonds with local and visiting artists—all from diverse disciplines. This informs my work with perspectives I may not otherwise access. Likewise, I hope my experiences and skill-set augment the creative practice of others in the space. I’m excited to see where the next twelve months take me!"

 writes cultural criticism and creative non-fiction. Her words appear on and in The Big Issue, Little White Lies, Kill Your Darlings, The Lifted Brow, Daily Life, Broadly and more.

In 2015 she was a Writer in Residence at SA Writers Centre. The following year, she was selected for Critics Campus at Melbourne International Film Festival. She’s set to appear as an artist at National Young Writers Festival in October 2017.

Aimee is a poptimist who digs gender equality, sexual diversity and good mental health. Dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen didn’t cure her anxiety, but it sure did help.

Eleanor headshot.png

Writer In Residence Eleanor Scicchitano

"Writing is a fairly solitary business, and it’s been wonderful to be part of a community at The Mill. Working around and with a close community of artists, from all disciplines, has expanded my network and introduced me to new ideas and new ways of working. It’s also given me the space to write, without the pressures of being at home or work. I’m looking forward to the next twelve months, getting to know more artists and exploring new disciplines."

Eleanor is the Visual Arts Program Curator at Country Arts SA. In 2012 she completed a Masters in Curatorial and Museum Studies at Adelaide University and she has previously work as a co-director at FELTspace ARI and founding co-director of onesixteenth ARI. She is a Board member at ACE Open, and spent 5 weeks in Venice in 2015, working in the Australian Pavilion at the Biennale.

She maintains in independent curatorial and writing practice, and has presented exhibitions in galleries around Australia. She has published articles, reviews and essays with Artlink Magazine, Marmalade, and for a number of artists and galleries in Adelaide.