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Visual Artist in Residence : Grace Marlow, Doors & Windows

Grace Marlow, Let me carry that for you , Grace Marlow with audience participants, performed in  Psychache co- curated by Adele Sliuzas and Ray Harris, Holy Rollers, 2018. Photography by Sam Roberts.

Grace Marlow, Let me carry that for you, Grace Marlow with audience participants, performed in Psychache co-curated by Adele Sliuzas and Ray Harris, Holy Rollers, 2018. Photography by Sam Roberts.

In July and August, 2019, Grace will be exploring collaboration and participation within her practice. Sitting somewhere between performance and social engagement, Grace’s residency will include research, writing and collaborative practice that investigates understandings of authorship and value.

Come check out the evolving work in The Exhibition Space at The Mill. Grace’s residency runs through to the end of August 2019.

1 July - 28 August 2019

The Exhibition Space, The Mill Adelaide
154 Angas Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Grace Marlow, WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY , black painted text and line on the gallery skirting boards, in  Who speaks for a community?  curated by Bella Hone-Saunders, Sister Gallery, 2017. Photography by Christopher Arblaster.

Grace Marlow, WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY, black painted text and line on the gallery skirting boards, in Who speaks for a community? curated by Bella Hone-Saunders, Sister Gallery, 2017. Photography by Christopher Arblaster.

Grace Marlow,  again back, remain through , performed with Virginia Barratt, in Into My Arms co-curated by Frances Barratt and Toby Chapman, Ace Open, 2018. Photography by Sam Roberts.

Grace Marlow, again back, remain through, performed with Virginia Barratt, in Into My Arms co-curated by Frances Barratt and Toby Chapman, Ace Open, 2018. Photography by Sam Roberts.

writers in residence

Writer in Residence: Letti K-Ewing 2018/19

the mill Writer in Residence - Letti K-Ewing (2018/19).png

Meet Letti K-Ewing - recipient of The Mill's 2018/19 Writer in Residence program.

Letti is a published journalist and poetry writer with a special interest in the Arts. She has written for Adelaide online and print magazine Yewth, and Edinburgh-based magazine, Fest, covering both local and international artists and acts during Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide Festival, and beyond.

Letti has also had her poetry published in Chicago-based magazine Hooligan Mag, and exhibited written poetry works locally at Adelaide Fringe Festival.

You can view Letti's portfolio of works and engage with her through her website: https://lettikewing.wordpress.com/

Letti receives a studio at The Mill for 6 months, a budget for commissioned writing and publication outcomes with our partner organisations.


Expand: Motus Collective, Artist in Residence

Felicity Boyd and Zoe Gay

Felicity Boyd and Zoe Gay

Supported by The Mill, Motus Collective are in residence at The Mill’s Breakout space in 2019 as part of The Mill’s EXPAND Program.

Motus Collective are Felicity Boyd and Zoe Gay, based in Adelaide facilitating connections between artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in a shared rigorous contemporary movement-based practice. Motus Collective are creating new work in The Breakout space in 2019 and running public Jam Sessions;

Interdisciplinary Jam Sessions: Tuesday nights at The Mill’s Breakout Space. 7-9pm

This program is designed to create a space for artists to expand their own individual practice whilst being inspired and supported by other interdisciplinary artists. This ongoing workshop series will facilitate new explorations and connections between artists of diverse disciplines.

The aim of this program is to;

  • To bring the Adelaide arts community together.

  • To provide networking opportunities for artists of diverse disciplines.

  • To provide a creative space free from the pressure to perform, or to provide an

  • To enable a safe space for creative practice, in which all participants are equal.

  • To allow artists a place to develop their own individual practice with the support of fellow

    local artists, to be inspired by others and excel at their own unique style.

  • To give artists a place to experiment and step outside of their comfort zones.

  • To enliven contemporary dance practice in South Australia.

Bookings/More info Contact;

Felicity Boyd - felicityb91@hotmail.com

Zoe Gay - zjwgay@gmail.com




The Breakout Residencies: Announcing successful recipients 2019

Spotlight Residency: Brittany Plummer

April & July 2019


Britt Plummer is an actress, theatre-maker, teacher, and director of FRANK. Theatre, she is a graduate of the Adelaide College of the Arts, and École Philippe Gaulier in France. In 2018, Britt founded FRANK. Theatre, a SA company presenting original work that explores the human condition with honesty, humour, and heart. Specialising in bouffon, clown, and vaudevillian styles, Britt is driven by theatre rooted in the realms of pleasure, play, and connection with the audience. Britt has worked with Monski Mouse Productions, Foul Play, Punctum, Early Worx, Slingsby, Five.Point.One, ActNow, and State Theatre Company of SA. Britt is a teacher of Le Jeu, Neutral Masque, Mask Play, Bouffon, and Clown, to acting students at the Adelaide College of the Arts. In 2018, she directed students in a Bouffon show in Paulo Castro’s ‘La La Luna’. Britt premiered ‘Chameleon’, her first solo work, in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival at MakeSpace, and received the Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Emerging Artist. In March 2019, she worked with Punctum on the immersive durational theatre work ‘Public Cooling House at WOMADelaide. In June 2019, Britt joins the London cast of the Edinburgh Fringe hit, Flabbergast Theatre’s ‘The Swell Mob’, presented by Adelaide Festival Centre as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Work In Development: Throughout her Spotlight Residency, Britt will be collaborating with Hew Parham, as Director, and Ben Brooker, as Dramaturg, to shake up original work ‘Chameleon’ that Britt devised and performed in for its premiere season at Adelaide Fringe 2019. Britt, and her creative team will be turning the piece on its head and delving further into the world of the Bouffon. Bouffon is a way of shining a light on the injustices in society, the lead up is slow burning, and then the message lands strongly. ‘Chameleon’ was created with the desire to rouse social change around men’s attitudes towards women, sexism, and harassment women encounter in the workplace, in relationships, and wider society. The ways we adapt, and mould our selves to meet other's expectations; changing our behaviour, appearances, and masking of emotions, to blend in, and sometimes survive. ‘Chameleon’ is a personal piece for Britt, as all stories are her own. It is a conversation, a celebration of women, authenticity and embracing our individuality. 

Freerange Residency: GIRL

May 2019


GIRL is an Australian-based queer music and live performance project by Jason Sweeney and Em König in collaboration with LGBTQI+ comrades. These artists formerly known as Winter Witches seek to amplify queer sonics and bent gestures into a world gone normal. Their work to date spans live art concerts, art DJ duo (Vegan Festival, Wild Style, Laneway Festival, Adhocracy) and sound art installation/performance. Their first major work, Sentients, was commissioned as part of the Vitalstatistix Climate Century Festival in 2018. As a live art project, GIRL continue to tour across Australia. Their new work, MASC, is being developed with support from Adelaide Festival Centre, The Mill, The SUBSTATION, pvi collective and Performance Space in 2019. 

Work In Development: Masc will be a sonic event, an electronic song cycle and a live experimental sound performance that responds to the following provocations: How do we forge a sonic template for queerness? How does a non-Masc body exist in that space?

Freerange Residency: Tobiah Booth Remmers

June 2019


Tobiah is a freelance dance creator, performer, teacher and facilitator from Adelaide, Australia. Since graduating from the ‘Adelaide College of the Arts’ Bachelor of Dance Performance in 2009 Tobiah has worked with a wide range of Australian and international artists; Garry Stewart (ADT), Graeme Murphy (Sydney Dance), Branch Nebula, Brink Productions, Larissa McGowan, Lina Limosani, Gabrielle Nankivell, Paul Gazzola and Paulo Castro among many others. Tobiah has performed in major arts festivals; Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide Festival, Brisbane Festival, WOMAD, Dance Massive (VIC), Dublin Dance Festival and has performed at the Barbican Centre, London. Tobiah has choreographed numerous works with his Adelaide based performance collective; ‘The Human Arts Movement’ and short works for students at ‘Adelaide College of the Arts’ and ‘LINK Dance Company’ in Perth and has lectured at both colleges as well as at ‘Queensland University of Technology’ and ‘Transit Dance’, Melbourne. Tobiah has lived and worked in Europe during 2016/17, receiving residencies in Bulgaria, Brussels and Sweden, with resulting works being performed in Brussels, Bulgaria and Greece. Tobiah has also taught workshops on his own creative and movement practice in Brussels, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Sweden and Israel.

Work in Development: ‘Damaged Goods’ is a solo research project that explores the frailty and unpredictability of being human. Through metaphor and imagery the work will delve into the experience of living and surviving in a world that sometimes throws everything at you, and at other times leaves you completely alone. It will search through ideas of endurance, vulnerability, unknowingness and revelation in an attempt to make some sense of this continuing journey.

Freerange Residency: Anya Anastasia and Aaron Austin-Glen 

August 2019


Anya Anastasia is an internationally acclaimed songstress with a vivid and twisted imagination. She has traversed the globe with her original songs and bold performance pieces appearing at festivals in Europe, the UK, around Australia and NZ.  Anastasia’s vocals range from husky jazz with a brazen Aussie inflection, to operatic soprano paired unusually with irreverent contemporary musings, though her roots firmly in the world of folk, and she wields a shamelessly un-ironic penchant for catchy pop melodies. Known for her wit and poetic lyricism she is the creator and writer of multiple critically acclaimed darkly funny musical theatre shows that are currently touring Australia. http://anyaanastasia.com/

Aaron Austin-Glen is an independent producer developing multi-disciplinary productions in unconventional spaces for major festivals and arts organisations. With extensive experience as a producer for Brisbane Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, New Zealand Festival and the Southbank Centre London spanning contemporary music, theatrical performance, community engagement, literature and large scale spectacle he has a wealth of creative knowledge and industry connection in Australasia, UK, Germany and India. Aaron has also written, performed and produced his autobiographical show 'Somewhere Else But Now' in Germany (Munich & Cologne), UK (Southbank Centre) and Australia (Anywhere Festival).

Work In Development:  Anya Anastasia and Aaron Austin-Glen are currently developing a theatrical musical comedy for stage and screen set in an unspecified rural Australian town that has seen more prosperous days. The crux of the script centres around the town’s attempt to return the community to its glory days through a series of heart warming yet ridiculous large scale schemes. With particular focus on the frustration, felt both on an individual and collective level with local bureaucracy and political inaction, the script is a razor sharp commentary on the current Australian and global landscape.

BRINK Productions Theatre Residency: Hew Parham

Apil/May & August


Hew is a graduate of Flinders University Drama Centre, Adelaide Australia. In 2007 Hew was the recipient of the Neil Curnow Award where he studied at The Hunter Gates Academy of Physical Theatre one-year program in Canada. Hew has also extensively trained and mentored in the Pochinko Clowning/Clown through Mask Method with John Turner at The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance (MCCP). In 2013 Hew received a grant from Arts SA to work with British Physical Comedy troupe Spymonkey in London, England. Hew has developed several solo shows with his comedic characters – including Odyssey Schmodyssey which played at the Sanguenay Fringe Festival in Quebec, Canada as well as the Amuse Bouche New York Clown Theatre Festival; The Giovanni Experiment and Giovanni! which also played at the New York Clown Theatre Festival in 2014 and more recently at The Wonderland Festival in Brisbane, Australia. In 2016 Hew was commissioned to produce a new work at The Adelaide Cabaret Festival Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle. In 2017 Hew was employed by Melbourne based company Bunk Puppets to tour their show Sticks Stones Broken Bones to Norway, Germany and China. He is the resident Clown teacher at Flinders University.

Work in Development; Three Bananas is a one-man theatrical show about the bicycle, heroes, trophies, the ego and the ups and downs of life. Drawing from the styles of physical theatre, clowning and story telling, the show is ambitious, epic and crosses many continents in its scope.Inspired by legendary Italian cyclist Gino Bartali who said: “Medals aren’t meant to be worn on the shirt they are to be worn on the soul”, the "three bananas" are the performer himself searching for meaning, self worth and an award-winning story; an egomaniacal narcissist cycling champion whose relentless drive to win covers a deeper truth, and Bartali himself. It calls on the great socially aware clowns such as Chaplin, Tati and Fo in how the buffoon through humour can shine a mirror to what is happening in the world right now. Can the clown stop looking at himself for a second to see what is happening in the world? Can the clown move out of the shadows of his heroes to see his own worth?


ilDance Professional Development Opportunity: Jacinta Jeffries 2019

The Mill and Helpmann Academy are thrilled to announce the recipient of the 2019 ilDance Professional Development Opportunity, valued at $17,000. Congratulations Jacinta Jeffries!!

Jacinta, Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA) / Flinders University dance graduate will undertake a 3-month residency with ilYoung, ilDance’s project based junior company located in Gothenburg, Sweden Directed by Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Instagram - all programs.jpg

Jacinta, who will depart Adelaide for Sweden mid 2019, was selected for the residency following an intensive audition process with one of the directors of ilDance, Lee Brummer. The audition saw a dozen local dance graduates vying for selection to take part in the ilYoung residency program, ilDance's project based junior company.

Felicity Boyd: Photo by Sophia Calado

Felicity Boyd: Photo by Sophia Calado

“I feel so lucky to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity and to work with such inspiring choreographers. The value of this opportunity for a young emerging artist like myself cannot be expressed enough and I am so thankful that Helpmann Academy, The Mill and ilDance can make such a generous contribution and help young artists get out and experience the world. I cannot wait to begin this residency, as travelling to the other side of the world to create and tour a new work with a unique group of dancers is something I’ll never forget.” Jacinta Said.

The ilDance Professional Development Opportunity is the result of a partnership between The Mill, Helpmann Academy and ilDance. The award provides an opportunity for emerging South Australian dancers to create strong and meaningful connections with both artists and organisations across Sweden and Europe and will potentially become a platform for future creative opportunities and cultural collaborations.

The residency will take a group of 10 young dancers, including Jacinta, from around the world, across Sweden where the cast, choreographers and creative team will engage with the local community in various activities whilst developing a new production by Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer.

“We are so very proud to be working with Helpmann Academy and ilDance to provide this opportunity for emerging AC Arts Dance Graduates. It is a unique experience unlike any other provided in Australia, that gives young dancers an insight into professional company practice Europe and the opportunity to build international career pathways.” Katrina Lazaroff (The Mill Director).

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Mill and ilDance to once again provide emerging dancers in South Australia with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and extend their abilities abroad. We can’t wait to see what Jacinta makes of this unique opportunity.” Jane MacFarlane (CEO Helpmann Academy).

exhibition space

Exhibition: Matthew Fortrose, Naomi Murrell, Nadia Suartika and Small Room, 'The Mill's Limited Edition Print Series'

Nadia Suartika

Nadia Suartika

Lachlan Stewart of Small Room

Lachlan Stewart of Small Room

Rafal Liszewski of Small Room

Rafal Liszewski of Small Room

Naomi Murrell

Naomi Murrell

Matthew Fortrose

Matthew Fortrose

Now Open!

The Mill’s Limited Edition Print Series

Matthew Fortrose, Naomi Murrell, Nadia Suartika and Small Room

27 February – 23 March 2019

Opening Sunday 3 March, 3-5pm


Showcasing the work of four amazing artists associated with The Mill, The Mill has commissioned Matthew Fortrose, Naomi Murrell, Nadia Suartika, and designers Lachlan Stewart & Rafal Liszewski from Small Room to contribute an artwork. The Limited Edition Prints will present one work from each of the four artists, each with an edition of 15 prints.


This exclusive series of artworks by leading South Australian artists appeals to a crowd of young collectors as well as art aficionados. The series makes artworks affordable for a wide audience while at the same time supporting The Mill, a not-for-profit Arts organisation. The funds raised by Limited Edition Prints series will feed directly back into The Mill’s organisational programming, and help to support artists residencies, subsidised studios and other aspects of our Professional Pathways stream.


Artists Biographies

Matthew Fortrose is a multi-disciplinary artist whose current practice spans studio paintings and sculptures, outdoor paintings, installation and photography. Working with synthetic materials, Fortrose's work creates tensions between natural and manufactured, intentional and incidental, digital representation and physical artefact. Drawing influence from colour field painting and early Bauhaus graphics, the use of rudimentary tools and industrialized processes assist in constructing a strong visual language towards his work. Using documentation of the built environment, interventions within urban space and explorations into materiality, Fortrose work seeks to engage an audience through a series of investigations around the use of public space, and how this communicates to a formal practice.

Naomi Murrell designs romantic street fashion, fine jewellery and home products for the thoughtful woman, to bring small moments of beauty, calm and confidence into her day to day life. Unlike the mass-market, she aims to inspire by using design as a graphic art form. Naomi’s visual language is minimal, on point - yet irrepressibly playful. Inspired by colour, and graphic shape her label turns out refined everyday pieces for the individual. The Naomi Murrell flagship store in Ebenezer Place is an oasis of awesome for the fun lover who delights in the details.

Nadia Suartika is an artist, designer and tattooist with XO L’Avant. She is the founder of Nadika, a range of jewellery and embroidery pieces.

Nadia is a self taught artist and has had a particularly strong interest in plants from an early age which led her to study horticulture. Now living on a native bush block in the Adelaide hills, Nadia continues her study of plants using a creative process of documenting local and South Australian natives through illustration and design.

Nadia draws inspiration from her Balinese-European heritage and her family of creatives. Built on a foundation of intuitive art, her work is simultaneously delicate and bold. Playful colours and shapes interact with each other, reminiscent of multicultural tapestries and the intricate patterns of the natural world.

Small Room is a graphic design and visual communication studio that focuses in creative fields with a strong process based work style. A love for experimental design, pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules fuels our passion for design. But the Small Room design sensibility itself is simpler with a priority for communication, timelessness, visual conquest and collaboration. Small Room work primarily in identity, print and graphics. And also work in broader areas of visual media like packaging, objects, experimental web design and exhibition (‘Death of a Designer’ (2017).


Shop Now- The Mill’s Limited Edition Prints